The September Saturday Morning Cartoon Carnival

Remember back in the day when this time came around? The fall weather starts to creep in,Labor day the last holiday of the summer just passed,and it's time to go back to school. With all those things on my plate the only thing I looked forward to was the new Saturday morning cartoon lineup. Man it was like opening presents on Xmas morning! I used to be flicking channels back and forth like a madman! Making decisions about which shows i was gonna watch if they came on at the same time (keep in mind this was way before VCRs & Dvrs lol) this was when it was only 3 networks ABC,CBS and NBC. from 7am to 12pm I was in sheer ecstasy!

My favorites was always the action super hero type joints. Space ghost,galaxy trio,the Herculoids, Johnny quest etc..but the teen mystery joints was cool too like Scooby Doo,the Funky phantom,Goober and the Ghost chasers! Every once in a wile u would get a live action joint like Jason of Star command,Ark 2,the Monkees, Captain Kool and the Kongs,Lidvile,H.R .Puff n Stuff,Sigmund the Sea monster and so on..Those were all the Sid and Marty Crofts joints! Hanna Barbara was king but you also had Filmation running neck and neck! The dope part about it all was on the night before they would have these preview specials that would come on to show you all the stuff you were gonna see the next morning! So let me give you the official manual on how to conduct a Saturday morning Supagenius cartoon show festival!

First: make sure you peep the friday night preview specials on all 3 networks if you can! This might require one to be fast with the clicker or in my case back then with the channel knobs lol! Second: set your alarm a half hour before showtime! i always set mine to 6:30 am just in time to catch the last few minutes of Chief Halftown ( yeah i know i'm dating myself lol ) Third and most important : get yourself a bowl of cereal of your choice! i had a few. Frankenberry,Quisp,Apple Jacks , King vitamin to name a few! and your set!

Here are some of the classics!