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Friday night highlights..Saturday mornings delights!

Remember back in the days of the first week in September? All the kids were just getting back to school and we were getting that what I used to call back to school weather.

I used to look forward to that time like Xmas simply because of what happens on that weekend! All new Saturday morning cartoons! But the fun didn't start on Saturday it actually jumped off on Friday night! All three ( the only 3 I might add ) networks would have specials that would preview what new shows that was going to make their debut the next morning. I made sure I got a good night's sleep so I could be up early the next morning! Keep in mind this was before the days of VCR and DVR so I had to decide which shows to watch. I was going crazy flicking back and forth between channels! If you grew up in the late 60s 70s early 80s you know Exactly what time it is!