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The Bombastic beta tape review: SKC what was I thinking?

Ok let's take a look at this brand shall we? I remember buying these particular brand of blank beta tape at a mom and pops video rental store in Ardmore pa that was the precursor to what eventually became west coast video. As you can see they're basically no frills and of course cheap so everytime I would rent a video to dub I always bought a few until they ran out lol! The L750s allowed you record 4hrs and 30min on ep mode 2hrs on sp mode. Unlike VHS beta only recorded in 2 speeds. Me being on a budget back then I had a specific rule... record 2 movies and use the space left to record one offs such as music videos, latenight talk show appearance, etc.. On this tape I have Exterminator 2 and Red Dawn. I most likely rented these movies at the same time double feature style! It also looks like I have a few leftover wrestling matches on here lol! I can honestly say this brand for the price was a bargain and still to this day holds up! I can still put it in my Super Betamax and watch it in good quality!

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